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Welcome to the Internet Freedom For All Wiki!

The Internet Freedom For All wiki serves as a living encyclopedia for the growing community of individuals who have interest or concern for the status of internet freedom across the globe. Similar to other wikis that focus on specific subjects, this wiki was designed to provide better curated, more thorough, and more numerous articles related to internet freedom. By building a large, active community of individuals interested in internet freedom, this wiki will gradually host articles with more depth and accuracy than counterparts on Wikipedia. Benefits of a dedicated wiki include hosting articles that are narrower in scope than Wikipedia traditionally hosts and fostering a community of experts who can collectively produce the highest quality content. It is hoped that contributors from diverse backgrounds will write and edit articles and in so doing illuminate the status of internet freedom throughout the world.

This wiki primarily serves two purposes:

  • Education: To empower citizens across the globe to educate themselves in an order to facilitate the preservation, protection, and enhancement of internet freedom.
  • Connection: To connect the community of internet freedom fighters by listing names of important people doing work relevant to the content of articles at the bottom of each page. By consolidating lists of important public and private actors, this wiki will facilitate the collaboration of those working for internet freedom.

Categories of content:

  • People: Movers in and people of interest to the IF community
  • Entities: Organizations and institutions in or relevant to the IF community
  • Events: Events that impacted the IF community
  • Concepts: Concepts relevant to the IF community from wide-ranging disciplines including law, computer science, political science, and economics

This wiki is an open, free, independent, and ad-free resource for anybody who wants to learn about internet freedom. It is a space for unbiased, descriptively accurate articles about people, places, events, organisations, institutions, and ideas related to internet freedom. Though this wiki was designed to facilitate positive change, it neither presumes nor imposes a single understanding of "internet freedom" and the means to achieve its preservation, protection, and enhancement. Readers and contributors are invited to determine the meanings of these terms for themselves.

Become a Contributor

To create a new article, enter the title into the box below and click on the blue button:

Current Projects

  • Recruiting contributors and posting requests for specific articles
  • Creating tags to help readers more easily learn more about topics and regions of the world
  • Publishing index of common acronyms used by the internet freedom community